Meet Cheryl

Owner & Leader Designer

Hi, I'm Cheryl Kinsey, an interior design consultant and interior decorator in Northern Virginia. I have been creating lovely, livable spaces since 2001. I work primarily with homeowners who want beautiful homes but don’t want the burden of making decisions or managing the project. They’d much rather hand off their project to me and let me take them from the initial design concepts through final reveal.

In a nutshell, I believe you should have a beautifully designed home that you love coming home to every day - and I also believe creating that space should never be a stressful process.

My clients struggle with decorating their homes and want someone to help determine what they need to make their ideal home a reality. They want a “boutique” style experience working with a decorator and are ready to invest in my services to get the look and feel of a carefully decorated space.  

I have a process that we work through together, that takes into account your style, needs, and desires. I bring you new ideas, no matter where your starting point might be, and I provide fresh perspective on the possibilities of your space. (Don’t worry, I won’t overwhelm you with a ton of choices. I carefully edit the options to curate a look that is fresh and new - and uniquely yours.) 


Let’s Work Together

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