2015 Color of the Year - Everyone Has One

Every year there's a color of the year.  This year's color of the year is Marsala.  It's a warm, rich red.  But here's the thing, every paint manufacturer has a color of the year.  This one is Pantone's color of the year.  Pantone is a forecaster that sets the tone for color tends.MarsalaPantone also has a color pallete for 2015.  You will probably start seeing these everywhere.  Not just for painting walls, but for clothing, accessories, home products....the list goes on. Pantone_Color_of_the_Year_Marsala_Story_Three_Top_Image   The wording here is a little fuzzy, but you get the idea of the Pantone color palete.  Alot of happy colors. FullSizeRender (1)   Benjamin Moore's color of the year is Guilford Green HC-116.  Although not quite a bright happy color, but a fresh green.  I like this color.  It's both soothing and fresh so a great option for bedrooms or living rooms. banner_image Other Benjamin Moore colors for 2015

Old Claret Guiford Green


Soft Sand Blue Hydrangea

Sherwin Williams has a bright color of the year, Coral Reef SW6606.  Alot of people like this because it's a happy, bright color and more suitable for room color if you love the orange family.Coral Reef Coral ReefMuted light color palette:  ChrysalisChrysalisMuted darker color palette:  VoyageVoyageDarker bright colors:  Buoyant.BuoyantBright happy colors:  Unrestrained.UnrestrainedSherwin Williams has a color palette for whatever your favorite color tone is. Color selection I think the biggest take away is that brighter colors tend to forecast an upswing in the economy.  Let's hope they are right! If you are totally confused, don't be.  There's a color out there for you, and a color professional can help you select it.  I'mavailable for those in the nothern Virginia area. Happy Decorating! Cheryl Kinsey - Draped Window Designs & Interiors