New Finish for Old Planters

Tired looking planters just make you want to toss them out and buy new.  However, if they just look bad, as in they are sun faded from a few years of use, you can paint them.  I have some planters that I use on my porch.  And although it's covered, the planters are really bad looking, as you can see.  But I happen to really like these planters.

Sun Faded Planters  

So off to the hardware store to find spray paint to give these girls a face lift.  I used Rust-Oleum Universal Paint and Primer in One, Metallic spray paint in the color Oil Rubbed Bronze. It was the closest to their original color. (Sorry, I don't have a picture of the can I used).  I placed them on a wooden counter stool with a plastic trash bag over to protect the stool and to make it easier to get to the bottom edge of the planter.

I would advise doing this when it's not too windy.  Otherwise you will also be the color of the planter.   As the instructions state, clean the item to be painted and let it dry.  I used a scrub brush on mine to get any of the loose dirt, etc. off.  I left them in the sun to dry and then sprayed light coats until I was happy with the finish.

Once they were completely dry, I add my fresh soil and some new plants and flowers.  I love purple, so I always use it in my garden color scheme.  I love the way they turned out!  It really helps the porch look fresh and clean.  I plan to turn them every couple of weeks to keep the sun from fading one side so much.  I've also put down my outdoor rug to dress up the area and make it more comfortable.  Next I will get out the pillows, cushions and extra seating.  But already it looks so much better.Happy Decorating!Cheryl Kinsey