Complications of Color

cvetovaya-palitra-2765Color.  Everyone wants to know what color to paint their rooms.  Answering that is not as easy as just saying blue or yellow.  Trying to find "the" color is a struggle that many homeowners have.  So much so that they are frozen in indecision. Calm Color paletteWhen picking a color, the question to ask is "what feeling do you want the room to have?".  Calm, peaceful, or serene are good descriptions for a bedroom.  I don't know any adults that want to have a bedroom described as vibrant, exciting, bold.Bold Color PaletteChildren on the other hand love these exciting colors for their spaces.  Play spaces might be a better choice than a bedroom. Unless you use these colors in the bedding.Bold Color PaletteBright vibrant colors are loved by many, but best to reserve these to accessories in a bedroom.Soft Colors From NatureIf you like pink, just mute the saturation of the color to create a soft inviting room where you can relax.Nature Inspired ColorOne way to select a room color is to take a picture of something you love the color of.  Nature is a great inspiration.  Views of a city, an outfit.... there are endless options to choose from.  What's important is how the colors make you feel.  There are several apps from paint manufacturers that help you with this process.  You load the picture and color options are shown.Muted ColorsThese images are from "".  They have tons of these color palettes to view.  So, if you are still not sure, hire a professional to help you.  I've consulted on many rooms over the last 15 years.  Providing many homeowners with relief over what "the" color should be.Happy Decorating!Cheryl Kinsey - Interior Eloquence