Organizing Your Stuff

When a new year rolls around we think of resolutions and how we are going to improve our life in some way.  Many times we want to shed a few pounds.  But I bet most everyone wants to shed a few pounds of stuff around the house.  With that you want your stuff to be better organized which makes it easier to find and just plain looks better too!  Who doesn't look at a beautifully organized closet and wish that they could somehow pull that off for their own?  Finding ways to store your stuff in an organized way makes your life flow easier.We've just finished the holidays.  Do you know where you will store your gift wrap?  This closet idea from has some creative ways to store gift wrap, ribbons, and craft supplies. Maybe you have some closet doors that you could attach this kind of boxed shelving.  Although this is the time of year you think of gift wrap, you really do use it all year long.  That goes for those craft supplies too.

closet for gift wrap

 I love this open shelving storage idea (decozilla) for purses and handbags!  Just look at the way everything is so neatly stored yet easy to find.  No more digging around in that back corner of the closet to find the bag to go with your outfit for the day!  I know many times I'd like to change my purse out for something to go better with my outfit but I don't take the time to search for it.

creative storage for your handbags

 This laundry room shows that you can group like items and store them in an appropriately sized box or basket (from iheartorganizing.blogspot) Voila!  The room looks great!  I know that's really difficult with laundry rooms (and many other rooms).  I used some great canvas storage baskets on the shelves in our bonus room.  They house puzzles, games and craft supplies.  It makes the whole room look neater when you do boxes, storage cubes, storage totes These storage boxes look similar to magazine storage boxes.  I found pictures of this kind of storage in many places (  These boxes allow you to quickly and easily create a calm and beautiful linen closet.  You could do this in an afternoon and have almost instant gratification. And you will be starting the year with checking off one of your organizing goals.

before organizing organized linen closet

 Clothes closets will look fabulous with color coordinated hangers.  That's one way those closets you see in the magazines look so polished.  No mixed hangers!  These felt covered hangers are very similar to the ones I use in my closet.  The felt holds onto your clothes so nothing slips off the hanger.  The ones below are from huggable hangers and they're the 2014 color of the year, Radiant Orchid.


 Happy Decorating!Cheryl Kinsey - Draped Window Designs & Interiors