Redesign Series - Post 2 - The Foyer

After Foyer This is the second post in a series of four posts showing the transformation of a house that wasn't working, on several levels, into a beautiful home that became more comfortable and inviting, as well as a reflection of the homeowner's style. The foyer is the first point in the home where you both welcome people and give them a taste of your home's style.  It's the room where you have the opportunity to 'enter into' the feeling you want to experience in your home.  Too many people use it as the space to simply get to the rest of the house.  The pictures below show what the foyer looked like before.

Before Before

A nice enough foyer, but it does not say "elegantly contemporary'.  The chandelier is traditional, as is the area rug.  The console says tuscan.  One problem homeowners have is trying to combine styles from two different households.  The other problem is picking things they like without giving thought as to whether they work well with the other things in the room.AfterLook at the elements of this room.  The rug beautifully ties the foyer with both the dining room and the living room (post 4 in this series) with both color and style.  The chandlier has an elegant statement of what visitors can expect with the beautiful dripping crystals and the unique style. The console has clean lines and provides a nice contrast to the lighter colored walls behind it.  You can see below that the homeowner found some great metallic sculpture pieces that tie in the contemporary styling and the tango art theme.AfterAt the end of the foyer hall, before you get to the living room, visitors get a surprise with the spiral chandelier that gracefully occupies the stairwell to the upstairs.  This fixture, also crystals, is about 72" long and fills the space beautifully!AfterThis foyer is now transformed into a contemporary space that sets the tone for the rest of the rooms.  The foyer should always unify the entry with the main rooms of the home.  This one is now inviting and cues the visitors with the style of the home! Happy Decorating! Cheryl Kinsey - Interior Eloquence