Redesign Series - Post 4 - A Living Room to Live In

After LR This is the fourth and final post in a series that focuses on the transformation of a house into a home.  The homeowners can now relax on comfortable furniture in their inviting living room. When entertaining the living room is usually where people end up for conversation after dinner.  Knowing that each seating option is comfortable can be a big relief for homeowners. Before, the sofa faced the window wall.  This created a two problems.  First, the sofa "blocked" entry into the room, and second, it faced the windows where anyone sitting on the sofa would be staring into sunlight.  Placement of furniture can have many considerations.  See the before pictures below.

Before Before

Notice the wing chairs and the floral sofa, they don't "say" contemporary.  The art is nice and we were able to use it, but there is not enough lighting in the room.   We added a couple more lamps. We worked to change out many of the room components so that it would feel more open and welcoming to both the homeowners and their guests.  The color on the wall was changed from a dark green to a dark, rich teal color.AfterThe sofa no longer "blocks" entry to the room.AfterThis beautiful teal leather ottoman is finished with nail head trim.  It provides extra seating during social gatherings.  Otherwise, use a tray to create a coffee table space for drinks.  Additionally, we added sleek, semi-sheer motorized roller shades to help block the sun from taking over the room.

Before After

The finished room was successfully transformed into a beautiful, comfortable and elegantly contemporary living space.  It was a great pleasure to work with this couple to redesign their space into a lovely and pleasant place to spend time.Happy Decorating!Cheryl Kinsey - Interior Eloquence