What to do With Those High Ceilings

Ok, so you get a house with really high ceilings, because they are so grand, and beautiful and spacious.  You can't wait to decorate, then you get into the space and say, "what was I thinking, what am I going to do with all this space?"  Decorate it of course.  It's important that you don't just ignore it, because it will just let you know that you are ignoring it.  That means, don't decorate the room like it's only 9 or 10 feet tall.    So let's look at some rooms with big decorating ideas.  This room is great, they've played up the ceiling with a boxed treatment and they have large artwork placed high up on the walls.  Everything is size appropriate and feel right in the space. Decorating with High CeilingsHere's a high ceiling in a "log cabin".  They've done a great job of creating balance in the space.  A large chandelier, beautifully finished ceiling, and stonework fireplace that goes almost as high as the ceiling.High Ceiling decorating


 Modern and sleek, all the way up to that high ceiling.  Notice not only the lighting and how it creates a unified and almost intimate space, but the art work as well as the creative use of shelving.  All elements take advantage of the entire space. Decorating with high ceilings 

A modern kitchen that has used lighting to close the space of a high ceiling.

High Ceiling decoratingI love this space.  The elaborate ceiling draws the eye up.  The chandelier is large but open like the room itself.  The round windows on the upper walls add interest and light.  And the mirror is large enough to bridge the lower part of the room with the upper. high ceiling So enjoy your high ceilings along with all the decorating possibilities. Happy decorating!